Now that the accommodation is settled, we should know what to eat. 

You will find introductions of our own and our partner companies’ dining services below, so that you can plan your stay as a whole.

Peerâ breakfast

Nice to see you, better morning! We believe that a good morning starts with good scents and freshness accompanied by excellent taste, to top it all off. The table is filled with colorful and inspiring tastes – tempting you to have a bite. 

You are sure to fill your energy reserves with our Peerâ breakfast. For variation, you can assemble different kind of combinations during a longer stay or just spend one longer breakfast moment peacefully trying out all the different options.

Our specialty, the Peerâ Porridge Bar, offers a slowly cooked oven porridge, a refreshing vegan raw-cooked porridge and of course a traditional oatmeal porridge, all accompanied by delicious accompaniments.

You can also enjoy the Peerâ breakfast even if you’re not staying with us – just book your seat the previous day! Satiety is a virtue, experience it!


On the opposite Kajaani riverbank, in Karolineburg’s sister building, is the most versatile lunch restaurant in town! 

Our partner company Gastrobar3 puts special effort in offering a copious salad buffet and delicious soups, as a starter. The lunch menu changes weekly, ask more from our reception!


Round your group and point your feet towards Karolineburg’s sister building, where Gastrobar3 serves a delicious dinner. The restaurant’s menu is designed according to the season’s harvest, sometimes offering surprising twists! The menu offers variety and its dishes and carefully chosen drinks sing the same tune. While staying at our Manor House Hotel, you can also enjoy some special partner benefits while dining at Gastrobar3. 

At the center of Kajaani, you can also find other restaurants willing to help a hungry traveler, such as RanchSulo Casa Bianca; all just a walking distance from the Manor House!

Group dining

If needed, we also organize private lunches & dinners for larger groups directly at the Manor House. The delicious servings are produced by our local partner Kelpo Catering.

Contact us and let’s organise servings according to your needs!

Customer kitchen

Are you tempted by cooking your own meal?

During your stay, our customer kitchen located in the White House Inn’s cellar floor is at your free use. You will find equipment for all basic cooking, and of course a fridge, where you can keep your ingredients fresh awaiting for the right moment.

Our reception is glad to help further!