What to do while staying with us?

We have gathered tips on what to do during your stay in Kajaani, so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest! In the capital of Kainuu, you will find a large variety of choices for couples, families and groups of friends, no matter the time of the year.

Have an adventure in Kajaani!

Steamship Kouta

Ropes are untied and a ship with white sides glides on the streams of Kajaani river, prow in the direction of lake Oulujärvi. Under the deck, a hundred-year-old steam machine, heated with manual manpower, enables the ship to move forward almost silently, as it pokes on in a steady rhythm. We pass sceneries that inspired Finland’s national poet Eino Leino and Finnish language renewer Elias Lönnrot as the ship advances to present the largest unified open lake view in Finland. The steep sandy banks glimmering in the sunlight – a steamship experience can’t get more authentic than this! 

S/S Kouta is Finland’s Northernmost inland water steamship. Welcome to enjoy the sceneries of lake Oulujärvi & and an authentic steamship experience.

The tickets can be easily purchased through our reception, as the ship leaves just below the Manor House, from the dock of Kalkkisilta. The public cruise season is situated between July and September, but You can book a private steamship cruise for your group whenever, as long as ice won’t be blocking the ships way.

A picnic?

Have a picnic in our garden or in a park by the river!

  • Ask for picnic-supplies or a bottle of bubbly from our reception!

Places to visit

In Kajaani and it’s surroundings you will find many historic and interesting sights to visit: 

  • Kajaani Castle ruins
  • Tar channels
  • The wooden picture church of Paltaniemi
  • The House of Eino Leino (national poet)
  • The old Town Hall
  • Kainuu museum and Kajaani Art museum (entries free of charge)
  • The wooden church of Kajaani

Herbal treatments

On Fridays & Saturdays the Manor House’s common sauna cabinet is open for local herbal treatment bookings. The treatment selection of the moment includes:

  • Relaxing and pampering treatment
  • Airway opening treatment
  • Digestion conducive treatment

Ask for free time slots directly at our reception!

Nature & sports

In the Kainuu region and in its capital Kajaani, You will find wonderous nature destinations, such as: 

  • Ärjä Island, the nobility of sandy beaches. This island can be accessed either by the Steam Ship Kouta or by a motorboat transport operated by Naturally Oulujärvi. Ask for more information at the reception! 
  • Nearby nature spots are plentiful, you will find the best hints here
  • The Pöllyvaara naturetrail and the Renfors walk (100m from the Manor House)
  • The Stone park of Paltamo
  • Kayaking on lake Oulujärvi
  • Paddleboarding
  • Frisbee golfing
  • Golfing
  • Horse riding

And loads of other options, check them out here!


Kajaani hosts many events annually, here are some examples: 

Read more here for current events.

Winter sports

Even though Kajaani is in bloom at Summer, we can offer many winter activities as well, as our snow count is the same as in Lapland!

  • You can book snowshoes at our reception and explore the nearby forests.
  • The downhill slopes of Vimpeli & Vuokatti offer a fun day of skiing or snowboarding.
  • The Pöllyvaara cross-country skiing track leaves just beside the Manor House, ask for more information on ski rental at the reception.

The Manor garden is also an ideal spot for a snow fight or sledging down the large snowpiles accumulated by the snow plower!

Visit Kajaani-Oulujärvi

Study the possibilities that the Kajaani-Oulujärvi area has to offer by visiting the Visit Kajaani-Oulujärvi website.

Welcome to Kajaani!