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Tastes, scents and Manor surroundings.

We are open from July 3rd to August 3rd, 2024

Popular Crêpes buffet

The popular buffet is back again, fill your crêpes with your desired toppings!

Price: 19€

Marinated seasonal berries V, GF
Seasonal fruits V, GF
Maple syrup V, GF
Cloudberry and strawberry jams V, GF
Whipped cream L, GF
Marshmallows L, GF
Honey L, GF
Nutella L, GF

Smoked salmon spread L, GF
Smoked reindeer spread L, GF
Seaweed caviar V, GF
Country-style potato salad V, GF
Tomato salsa V, GF
Mozzarella and tomato salad L, GF
Mixed salad V, GF
Pesto L
Pickled red cabbage V, GF
Pickled red onion V, GF
Balsamic vinegar dressing
Olive oil

V = Vegan
L = Lactose free
GF = Gluten free


The café has an alcohol selling permit covering the whole manor house and the garden. You can thus buy drinks, also alcohol free ones, from our café and enjoy them in our beautiful parlor rooms or our sunny terrace and garden.

Our drink selection includes some bubblies, wine, local drink products and some more traditional ones as well.


The Karolineburg Manor House’s unique surroundings offer a special experience to our guests in this almost 200-year-old Manor area.

Our garden is designed and put into place according to French garden ideals by Yann. This is why we wanted to take inspiration from the French crêpes culture in our café as well.

You can choose between enjoying our café’s products inside in our beautiful parlor rooms under crystal crowns, under the sun on the terrace or even sitting on a garden bench listening to the birds sing.

Doesn’t this sound good?

Welcome to enjoy Café Karolineburg!